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Multi-Store & Franchise Management
Improve Store Performance with better tracking, control,
communication & processes.

Streamline Store Operations

OperationsStreamlined proceses & workflows

Improve visibility & control across all locations. Automate routine processes using workflows & checklists. Stay on top of everything.

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Communicate with team in real-time

CommunicationReal-time communication with everyone

Connect your organization together and improve internal awareness & communication. Save 30% more time on resolving issues and turning around work.

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Performance Management

Performance & ComplianceContinuous growth & profitability

Improve profitability & performance across all stores with online trainings and inspections. Reduce 25% time & cost to conduct store audits.

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Asset Tracking

Create a database of all assets such as equipment, hardware etc across all your franchise or store locations. Track serial numbers, service repair dates, vendor information and asset photos.

Issue Tracking / Help Desk

Allow your stores to log and track their operational or support issues. Route the issues to the concerned department or person and auto-escalate it if no updates within 48 hours.

Inventory & Supply Requests

Streamline your inventory & supply request process through a single view of the entire request queue. Allow stores to keep a track of their request status and stay up to date with the latest supplies.

Sales & Commission

Get a daily or weekly sales count from all your franchises and auto-calculate commissions due. Track royalties & commission payable history and identify top performing locations. Integrate with POS and other sales systems.

Franchisee Info Management

Organize and keep all your franchisee information, contract, agreements, photos and contact info in one location. Keep the info up to date with auto-update requests to franchisee.

Tasks & Checklists

Delegate to managers and track due dates & completions. Create checklists for inspections, onboarding or other routine work. Stay on top of all deliverables and to-dos.



Enable rapid communication with your franchises, suppliers, headquarters and other members within your organization. Share quick updates, links, videos & images. Reduce costs with multiple channels of communication.

Document Sharing

Share and archive important documents such as Standard Operating Procedures, Policies, Product Info, Best practices etc. Track document downloads and version history. Organize into folders and workrooms.

Knowledge Base

Harness the collective knowledge of your organization through a knowledge base. Collect and share best practices, sales & merchandizing tips, organization policies & manuals.

News & Announcements

Share important news & announcements with everyone within your organization including stores & franchises. Keep everyone up to date with latest happenings.

Discussions & Chat

Chat with remote stores in real time or start a group discussion. Comment on all updates & activities within the intranet. Avoid unnecessary meetings and phone calls with instant chat.

People Directory

Keep a directory of all employees, franchise, suppliers and other contacts. Store basic contact information, department / title, etc.

Performance & Compliance

Online Trainings

Train store managers & remote staff by easily creating online tests and training materials using text, images & videos. Track the training reach & results. Use it to train on merchandizing, customer services, sales and other areas.

Store Audits

Conduct store audits & inspections remotely by allowing your store managers to fill up forms, upload images and videos. Create custom audit forms and checklists to inspect on visual merchandize, inventory, sales etc.

Performance Tracking

Collect sales & marketing data to identify top performing locations, best selling products and customer behavior. Keep scores, appreciate store managers and staff and motivate the entire organization.

Standard Operating Procedures

Share standard operating procedures with stores & franchises. Ensure consistency & track compliance through automated follow-ups, training and audit questions.

Schedule Store Inspections

Schedule store inspections through an easy to use calendar. Keep store managers, franchise owners and other members in the loop and stay up to date with reminders and notifications.

Forms & Reports

Create your own custom forms for surveys, internal audits or to collate any business data. Embed forms on websites and landing pages. Create dynamic reports, widgets & stat counters. Export to CSV.

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