What type of Employee are you?

Imagine having a twin at your workplace, but hey even twins are different in their own ways. You can never find another you, but u can always find a similar you. Remember that line “Birds of the same feather flock together”?  If u want to find out where you fit in and find the right bunch of people you want to associate with, read on to find out what type of employee are you.

  • The motivation flag soars highMotivated Employee

    These employees are those who are driven by motivation and get the others around them to work towards the targets. They are the dedicated kind who are driven to do their job for the love of it.


  • The Doeremployee - doer

    With a promising attitude towards accomplishing the work that’s assigned to them, the employer can blind-foldedly assign the work to them and take a back seat.

  • Mr. Innovationemployee - innovation

    Highly active and brimming with new ideas, these kind of employees love to kick start something new and be at the forefront of it. Every company needs a bunch of these guys, because lets face, no one wants the same old drama unfold every time.
  • Living in the limelightEmployee - limelight

    These guys love being recognized. Their ultimate goal is to be out there,recognized by everyone. They are the ones with a swarm of people around them as they are well connected with the fellow employees.

  • The NewbieEmployee - newbie

    These guys are the new ones on the team and are often pushed around to do work by their superiors. They are just made to deal with what has been put in-front of them.

  • The finicky bunchEmployee - Finicky

    They’re the rabble-rousers, fussy, agitated and so do  not like their job anymore. So much so that they make sure everyone knows about it and expect the others around to put up with their issue. A typical definition of trouble. These guys are to to be kept at bay or given extra help to make themselves feel any better about their state of mind.
  • Money MattersEmployee - Money Matters

    All this employee cares about is his pay. He works for nothing but to get his earnings to fend himself a living as he happens to get cosy with his lifestyle and wants to stick just to that.

  • The hawk eyeEmployee - Hawk Eye

    Nothing goes unnoticed in the eyes of this sort of employee. Every little detail matters to him. He’s way beyond being called a perfectionist, thanks to his super magnifying eyesight. One small mistake, and it spirals into him creating a huge fuss about it. These guys sure are a great help in any firm, as they leave no room for mistakes.

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