11 Reasons why email is not yet dead

Imagine a typical day at work. Go to office, greet your colleagues, get a cup of coffee and then the inevitable happens-you log in to your email. Email has slowly become a part of our daily routine, as most of us check our mails subconsciously every morning. Even after 40 years of it coming into existence, email still thrives to be the most preferred communication tool. Everybody connected to the Internet, about 2.4 billion people according to Internet World Stats, have email. And they send 294 billion of it daily. With every Internet user having more than one email address, the best way to reach your target audience is at times, still through email. So what makes email so popular?


Email is not dead - collaborate better


Quick & Easy: Email is perhaps the easiest and fastest means to communicate with people till date. Easy because logging in to your email account is a fairly simple process and quick because once a email is sent, it reaches the destination in a matter of seconds.

Economical:  As the saying goes “Good things in life come for free”, email is the cheapest means of sending messages or business campaigning as it is practically free  if you have a small but growing contact list. If you have a large one, email providers let you pay for your requirement and use like for example MailChimp – it lets you send thousands of emails daily for as less as $150 a month.

Flexible: Email is the only medium of communication that gives you the flexibility to personalize your content for varying contacts by keeping it brief and simple. You can share information and opinions on a personal level and emails grant you the much required freedom of space and communication.

Hassle-Free Management: Email lets you sort mails into different folders and manages time and space better. It detects spam and it becomes easier to view important data without having to deal with unnecessary interruptions.

Global Access: Email can be used to communicate with people all over the world. Even if you are travelling, email is always available to you and connects you to your colleagues and friends.

One-to-many Communication:  Email allows you to send important information to many people in your team. This is more efficient than sending 50 texts or calls.

Mobility: With mobile access to email, you are no longer tied to your physical desk. You can work from a café or a beach without any hassle.

Everything that requires Email Registration: Everything needs email registration nowadays be it social networking sites or online shopping. Hence, email is a trend that probably won’t fade away very easily.

Legitimacy: Email is the soft-copy that records conversations. It is legal and recognized unequivocally in court. Corporate business email is considered hard evidence.

Connects Better: Communicating with your audiences over emails results in building stronger relationships and helps in understanding your prospects better.

Well, Email may still not be dead for all external communication, it however doesn’t score well for internal communication with your co-workers and team.

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