8 Ideas for a productive work day

Productive Work Day

Do you feel like no matter how much you work, you don’t seem to have accomplished enough? Ever remember the most productive day of your life? Looking for ways to use your time better? Think no more, for here are a few ways by which you can make every moment count in your life and make it more productive.

Good morning routine

  • As the old saying goes, “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise”, a good sleep-wake cycle is essential to having a productive day. Getting enough sleep and waking up in the wee hours boosts a healthy body and mind.
  • Exercise daily. Go to a gym or work out at home. If nothing else, go for a brisk walk or jog early in the morning. This lets you breathe in fresh air and activates your body for the day’s tasks.
  • Inculcate the habit of reading newspaper. Don’t be ignorant because it is your duty to know what is happening around you. This way you can stay up to date with all the pressing issues happening all over the world.
  • Use your commuting time to the fullest. Listen to fantastic books on audio + excellent podcasts and valuable learning programs. Sure listening to CDs or radio is tempting but remember-focusing on self-improvement sets you a notch higher than the rest.
  • Be punctual. Make it a point to reach your workplace or any meeting well before the stipulated time. Punctuality brings out professionalism and discipline because of which people start respecting you a whole lot more.

Conducive work desk

A messy and disorganised work place often tends to lower your enthusiasm and makes you sluggish. Have an immaculate desk where all things are organised. This not only increases your spirit but also saves precious time which otherwise would be wasted in searching for things.

To-Do List

Make a to-do list that consists of all the things you have to do for the day. No matter how trivial the work is, put it on the list because let’s face it, human brain is quite volatile! And do make sure the list is made in such a way that all the important things are at the top, so prioritise.

Don’t procrastinate

Get on with your work immediately. Ever heard the saying “time and tide wait for none”? Time is definitely one’s most precious possession and it must be used well. Hence divide your work time into sections, say 30 minutes each. Dedicate the full half hour to working seriously after which you can reward yourself with a short 5-10 minutes break. Doing this helps you get things done faster and manages time better.

Avoid being disturbed

Remove all distractions while working. Do not answer calls, check mails or engage in pointless chattering. Focus on your goal and for god’s sake don’t be too available to everyone. Learn to say no to things that are of no use whatsoever.

Learn and improve

Always grab opportunities that teach you something new and interesting. This helps you expand your mind and increase your talents.

Track your progress

Track your progress throughout the day. Think of how many things you succeeded in accomplishing from the list. Figure out why you haven’t finished certain things so that you can keep that in mind while working the next day. At the end of the day, work matters and not the time spent on it.

Relax your Body & Mind

After a long day’s work, take some time to rejuvenate your body and mind. A nice hot water bath, meditation or reading a book can help you relax. Keep aside a little time for things you love like watching television, playing an instrument, cooking or sports. This instigates a sense of satisfaction and appreciation towards your life.

Changing a few simple things in one’s life can make a drastic difference. So initiate a change and take a step closer to excellence, as Paul Meyer said “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”.

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