Development Roadmap

Our team is working hard to ensure CollaborateCloud covers your entire communication, collaboration & work management needs. As part of that, we have put together a development roadmap here.


Video Conferencing & VOIP Calling

We understand Video Conferencing & VOIP Calling is essential to business communication. For teams working together from different geographies it’s critical to be able to communicate actively. We are working towards providing a solution to host a video-conference or call your team members directly from within CollaborateCloud.

Improved UI / UX

We are studying and analyzing usage patterns from our existing customers and are working towards providing an enhanced User Experience. Some of the updates would include:

  • Better view of Workrooms & Apps
  • Shortcut keys to create new workroom, new task, new user, new app, new event
  • Easy access to your entire Task list, Event list and Chat list from anywhere
  • App Data Charts – Useful metrics & stats on your Dashboard
  • Modern Colors & Typography

iOS & Android Apps

Businesses require executives and teams to be connected to the internal network from anywhere. It’s imperative for them to be able to access their work even while on the go. With that in mind, we are working towards creating Mobile Apps on iOS & Android that would allow users to

  • Manage  & Track Tasks
  • Chat / Communicate with co-workers
  • Track Events & Calendar
  • Access to Activity Feeds

Group Chats & Meetings

Internal Communication & Collaboration cannot be complete without allowing team members to chat & work in real time. We are working on developing group chats & desktop meetings that will allow multiple users to chat on a single window and users to be able to share their screens for better work collaboration & productivity.

API & Web Service

Your business relies on multiple tools & third party applications and we at CollaborateCloud are working to bring all your tools together on to a single platform to simplify your life & work. We plan to release an API SDK & Web Service that will allow you to connect & exchange information securely with CollaborateCloud. You will be able to access Tasks, Users, Events/Calendar, App, Activity feeds and Workroom data through the API.


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