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visual merchandising

Visual merchandising: the best way to showcase your products

For fashion brands and department stores, visual merchandisin is the key to a successful business. And with that in mind, we offer this useful advice on how to improve your brick and mortar merchandising.

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retail store KPIs

Top 7 retail store KPIs that every retailer should know

Performance is critical to business, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are what gives decision makers the tools they need to keep ahead of the competition.

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streamline store management

9 effective tips to better streamline store management

With the exponential growth of online, mobile, and social commerce channels, traditional retailers are either embracing innovation or stagnating. So to help get your online and offline stores in shape, here are nine tips to better streamline store management:

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line sheet template

Fashion industry: the value of a line sheet template

One of the many facets of successfully running a fashion business is implementing a foolproof system to manage inventory, digital assets, and product costs. This is solved with the implementation of a line sheet, which responds to the needs of fashion businesses that have multiple retail channels, from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce platforms.

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supply chain collaboration

How to implement efficient supply chain collaboration

Optimizing supply chain collaboration is an important way of doing this. It allows companies to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of their businesses so they can improve, develop, and innovate.

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Social Networking

Impact of social networking on enterprises

Social networking tools often form part of online communities and it has been argued that these communities have the potential to radically transform social interaction and community formation (Lutters & Ackerman, 2003)

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Five traits of a successful collaborative leader

Do you work the entire day and still productivity is meager in comparison to your hard work? Are collaborative challenges making the hole to the time you devote to finish your tasks and earn credits? Collaboration is the present day norm and you have to be a good collaborator to climb the corporate hierarchy.

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How social business platforms increase productivity by at least 15%?

Enterprises across the globe are adapting to social business platforms to bring in the concept of working through distributed access, flexibility of work, instant sharing and remaining connected.

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The concept of social workplace

The style of working has increasingly become non-linear in organizations. Every company now understands the importance of integration among the departments to remain competitive in the market.

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Unlock team productivity

Unlocking team productivity for your enterprise

Enterprises across the globe are hit with a common concern – despite multiple tools on board there is a disproportionate increase in work productivity of employees across enterprises.

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