Impact of social networking on enterprises

Social NetworkingSocial networking tools often form part of online communities and it has been argued that these communities have the potential to radically transform social interaction and community formation (Lutters & Ackerman, 2003)

The advancement in science and technology has brought to light some sophisticated tools and technologies at work. Networking with people around the world has taken a new direction with ease of communication and faster delivery of information. Networking has set another milestone with enterprise social networking. Enterprise social networking is a recent boon to businesses, ushering all the employees of an enterprise to a world of fast and effective communication on the cloud.

Enterprise Social Network focuses on online collaboration with people having business interest and works. Enterprise social networks accomplish business objectives and strategic managerial processes in a smoother way, keeping the work flow fast and efficient. Enterprise social networking is based on a primary component of Enterprise 2.0, which is a social software used in business contexts. Enterprise social network offers considerable ease to deliver business value amending the way business works.

Increasing business value through Enterprise Social Networking

Social networking technology can boost the work capability or work productivity of skilled persons even further with its productivity enhancement technology. As most of the communication takes place through the internet, collaboration on cloud is the best platform to work. This in turn calls for smart solutions for day to day tasks such as the over burden of emails, time spent searching files and documents, assigning tasks, managing accounts & recruitment etc. MGI in a report defined ten ways social technologies can add value to businesses through Intra or Inter organizational communication and collaboration, Product Development, Operations and Distribution, Marketing & Sales, Business Support, and Customer Service. There have been reports of tremendous benefits in terms of business growth and productivity enhancement with enterprises working on cloud. Social networks have fostered good working relationships with other businesses in the industry. Social networking through a social work management platform brings in new insights to the way a work should develop and progress. Enterprises can engage in active conversations with customers to meet a better service delivery.

Facts – Social Networking & Increased Productivity

Percentage of average workweek spent on reading and answering e-mails is 28%, searching and gathering information 19%, communicating and collaborating internally 14%, role specific tasks is 39%


By fully implementing social technologies, companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction workers—high-skill knowledge workers, including managers and professionals—by 20 to 25 percent

(Source: IDC, McKinsey Global Institute)

Enterprise networking for internal communication & collaboration

The four C’s of Social media – Contexts, Communications, Collaborations and Connections are prominent in social networking site to be implemented for any business use. Social work management platform can streamline works. It can tap potential of unlimited work productivity per person per day through:

  • Collaboration and communication with members across boundaries – external and internal
  • Sharing files and documents
  • Discussions on the go
  • Share news feeds

Enterprise networking with social work management platform for fast and efficient delivery

Replacing the conventional method of working with ten different tools and platforms, social work management eases work through its work applications such as

  • Social management for recruitment
  • Social management for internal expertise selection
  • Social management for project transparency

Enterprise networking for improving marketing and sales

Social networks have become an ideal place for marketers and businesses to keep up to date with the latest industry trends. (Statistics in focus 28/2013; K.Giannakouris, M.Smihily). Reaching prospects today with social network is faster, effective and undoubtedly reasonable in terms of cost.  A proper social work management platform for an enterprise can boost marketing strategy by:

  • Direct interaction between customer and service providers
  • Running marketing campaign and promoting products
  • Convincing and winning clients

It’s time for enterprises to reap the benefit of social networking to have happier and productive employee manifested with employee engagement, employee retention and growing business values.

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