Five traits of a successful collaborative leader

bannerDo you work the entire day and still productivity is meager in comparison to your hard work? Are collaborative challenges making the hole to the time you devote to finish your tasks and earn credits? Collaboration is the present day norm and you have to be a good collaborator to climb the corporate hierarchy. Aligning with your team, coping with your colleagues, and making right decisions can spear head your profile to the list of successful employees.

Rightly said by Shawn Lukas – “Collaboration is the key; it takes innovation and creativity to the next room.”  Here are five simple, yet crucial traits of a good collaborator:

  • Two heads are better than one: The old saying is still true to modern day corporate. Let ideas flow from you and your team members or employees and witness the efficiency and innovation reflected in your work. It is always beneficial to consider ideas of other employees and pay heed to what they have to add; as who knows it may be of tremendous value addition to your project
  • Listening is wise: To lose some debates and listen to what your co-workers say is healthy in a collaborative workforce. Listening to others, facilitates your collaboration efforts as you know a person’s thought process and the manner in which he executes his works. Further, ignoring small duels at work place and instead, listening to what they have to say, will keep you in their loop
  • Clear vision and plan: A clear idea or a strong vision is compelling as it is quick for people to understand and comprehend. While delivering your work, a simple, yet defined work plan can take you extra miles to near your project completion. You will end up with time for your work, when you can clearly put forward your vision before your project kick starts. A shared vision to do that work is icing on the cake
  • Knowledge is power: Knowledge sharing is a primary means to collaboratewith your co-ordinates. If you possess knowledge in certain field of expertise and it is tangible enough to share with your team, it can be a valuable contribution. Your knowledge and insights can lead to creation of improved practices and products. Knowing your strengths and honing your skills is all you have to do
  • Organize your work: Organizing yourself is vital for collaboration. Organizing your task, lands you at a common approach to a commendable work procedure which is convenient for all. By remaining organized, you save your time and effort to take a particular task to accomplishment. Besides, a disciplined person can imbibe organizational virtues in co-workers and thereby contribute to company’s success.

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