Unlocking team productivity for your enterprise

McKinsey Global Institute, in a study on “Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies” reports that knowledge workers spend 28 hours every week on writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally.

Unlock team productivity

Unlock team productivity

An iota of business time proves crucial for growth and development of a company. Therefore, wasting time by managing and sorting emails, tasks and files by employees is a futile endeavor when technology has endowed collaboration tools for greater team productivity in enterprises. With different standalone apps and multiple tools information is spread out in different systems and it is messy and inefficient to switch back and forth to look for the same. Streamlined workflow and effective collaboration among people within the organization is essential to unlock team productivity.

Current Problem in Enterprises

Enterprises across the globe are hit with a common concern – despite multiple tools on board there is a disproportionate increase in work productivity of employees across enterprises. It is indeed true that it is futile to set work reminders on one tool, track project status on some other application and spend time hopping for files in the system for reference or upload. Depending on the user interface, there is a time lapse to toggle between interfaces back and forth which reduce the time sorted for work; besides it calls for some reluctance to come back to the same task once a different interface is looked into. With scanty time in hand and diverse work agenda running at the back of mind efficiency and non-distracted work becomes the need of the hour.

Facilitate Operational Excellence & Team Productivity

A solution to this issue is a unifying platform to bring tools and resources on the same page and make work easier and faster. Enterprise social networks cannot provide a convincing solution to manage and streamline employee’s work in an enterprise. CollaborateCloud was built to do away with this issue faced often by enterprises. CollaborateCloud is a social work management platform, which integrates tools, employees and processes in a single platform and facilitates operational excellence across teams or departments. CollaborateCloud allows setting up workflows & apps through a simple “App Builder” wizard which aid the way a person wants to work easily and safely. Explicitly, CollaborateCloud enhances employee engagement and interaction- a strong measure to employee retention and building team productivity.

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